Muddy Bottom Crazy 8K Run/Walk 2017

Muddy Bottom “Crazy 8k(4.95m)” Mud Run – Individual
$50.00 in 84 days $60.00

Running-8K – Group-registration team Age group/open
$45.00 in 84 days $55.00

Running-8K – Individual Age group/open
$50.00 in 84 days $60.00

The Muddy Bottom Run/Walk 2017 is put on by the Camp Edge Auxiliary, which helps raise money for Camp Edge and Ranch Hope.  Ranch Hope, our parent organization, has helped thousands of youth for over 50 years.  By running at Camp Edge you can raise money to improve the camp and help underprivileged kids attend one of our summer camps giving them an experience they may never forget.  

This year, the Camp Edge Auxiliary is teaming up with Stepping Into Faith Ministries.  Stepping into Faith Ministries is a 501c3 non profit run by Kandy James through Word of Life.  Kandy helps minister to the youth and women of Kenya.  Part of this years proceeds will not just help Camp Edge and Ranch Hope, but also help Kandy and Stepping Into Faith Ministries raise money for a well in Kenya.  More information on her and her ministry can be found at  

This course has something for everyone.  The oldest mud run in South Jersey takes you through nearly 5 miles of mud, twists and trails. We are a camp, so there may be a few special camp obstacles!  The participants slung mud last year to vote for the theme.  This year the theme is Star Wars.  Be creative & crazy, but find a costumes!    The best costume will win an award. 

We have a “Muddy Back Guarantee.” If you run the course in it’s entirety, and you honestly did not get muddy, we will refund your money!

Event details and schedule

Race day registration begins at 8 a.m. in the cafeteria and the shotgun start will be at 9:00a.m.  Sign up September 15 and be guaranteed a custom T-shirt!  The course is well marked through our wooded trails; expect roots, rocks, a lake crossing and a lot of mud.    Bring a towel and a trash bag for muddy clothes.  Outside showers and changing rooms will be available.  Pre-pay for a hot shower, it’s worth the $5!     

Camping the night prior is available, call for reservations and pricing or register on  (856)935-1555 ext. 172