Behavioral Healthcare Services

Ranch Hope provides Behavioral Healthcare Services for boys in need of Residential Intensity of Services (IOS) placements and Specialty Bed Services. Our services focus on trauma informed care, utilizing the Nurtured Heart Approach and 6 Core Strategies in collaboration with the Children’s System of Care here in New Jersey.

Upon visiting our treatment community based in Alloway Township, you will find streets lined with small homes, a school, Chapel, swimming pool, fitness center, activity center and plenty of outdoor space and recreational facilities for youth to live and grow!

Residential Intensity of Service Program (43 beds)

Our homes were constructed in 2015 and feature individual bedrooms, lots of living space, a kitchen and laundry room, all for a maximum of 4 youth per home in our IOS programming.  All of the new homes are supported by back up generators so that the loss of power is never an issue for your child and the staff that support them.

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Currently, we provide services for you living in New Jersey only, with our focus on full family participation and reunification with 9 months of placement.

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“Lived at ranch hope from 2002-2005, you guys made a great impact on my life, I was eventually adopted 2 years after leaving VH, and I’m still friends with most of the girls that were there when I was, I’m now the proud mother of a beautiful little boy, the staff at ranch hope taught me how to be independent and I appreciate it whole heartily, thanks so much for the opportunities you guys gave me”


The goal of the Residential Treatment Center is to provide individualized treatment that will help youth progress as quickly as possible to a less-restrictive level of care and ultimately succeed in a home environment. Young people experience long-term, positive outcomes because the Ranch Hope program includes:

  • High levels of family involvement
  • Supervision and support from caring adults
  • Academic and skill-focused curriculum
  • Development of individualized treatment plans
  • Positive peer influences
  • Enforcement of a strict code of discipline
  • Building self esteem
  • A family-like atmosphere
  • Integration of community-based service networks beyond the campus
  • Life skills and employment training
  • Comprehensive discharge planning

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