NJDOE Checklist for School Health-Related Closure Plans
(UPDATED 5/22/20)

Equitable Access Plan Component 1

Strang School is the on-site APSSD servicing the needs of students who are currently residing at Ranch Hope, Inc.’s Residential Treatment Facility, a behavioral healthcare center licensed by the NJ Department of Children and Families. However, due to the nature of our facility the school faculty and staff have transitioned to providing supervision in residence for the hours that students would normally have been attending school.  As per direction from the Salem County Interim Superintendent on May 7, 2020 we continue to offer guided/direct instruction to our students in residential buildings.

Teachers prepare lesson packets weekly for our students to complete. The plans include teacher-generated content based lessons that take into account the goals and objectives as outlined in student IEPs and 504 plans. Technology is not used independently by our students due to the nature of their individual clinical treatment plans, required by the NJ Department of Children & Families. Lessons will continue to be addressed through packet work and teachers are available for questions while providing supervision in residence. Each student receives assignments for the content subjects as per their course schedule for the present academic school year. Assignments will:

  • be based on the student’s instructional level
  • include subject/course skill set review
  • provide opportunities for oral and silent reading
  • use materials to meet and challenge level of ability
  • vary activities to maintain student’s interest and motivation

Students will receive individualized folders on-site in their residences. A checklist of subjects and lessons will be included in the folder. Teachers will be available from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM in residence to assist with instructional needs and student’s questions. Every week the student’s folders will be collected for review and grading. Teachers will grade and assess completed work and provide meaningful feedback to the students. Teachers will then follow the format to develop subsequent lessons/assignments based on the students’ completed work and progress towards the goals and objectives of the IEP/504. Subsequent work will be redistributed to each student in on-site residences weekly until school reopens.

Addressing Special Education Needs Plan Component 2

Lessons are created by certified special education and content teachers following the goals and objectives set in each student’s IEP or 504 plans. Technology is not utilized by the students as it interferes with their clinical treatment plans.

Teachers will participate in all CST meetings via teleconference when the district of residence establishes a meeting date/time.

Our residential treatment facility continues to hold weekly treatment team meetings via teleconference that include reports to parents/caregivers on the students’ educational progress. Clinical/Educational staff remain in contact with the parents/caregivers.

Ranch Hope residential treatment center maintains a fully staffed health office on grounds, which includes APNs, RNs with oversight by a Pediatric Medical Director.

Students participating in speech therapy and/or occupational therapy as determined by their IEP received specific written skill sets in their student folder created by and provided by the therapists under contract to Strang School. Students receiving speech/OT are able to meet via teleconference weekly with staff supervision to oversee the use of technology.

The school social worker and CST support staff are in communication with the students’ sending districts via email informing them that we are available to continue to coordinate CST/IEP meetings via teleconferencing. Reevaluations are scheduled dependent upon the sending districts established guidelines.

The students that attend Strang School do not receive transportation services as youth reside and are educated on the same campus.

Addressing ELL and Bilingual Needs Plan Componet 3

Our student population does not currently have any students that require ESL or bilingual instruction.

Safe Delivery of Meals Plan Component 4

Strang School’s agreement # is: 23454592

There will be no interruption in meal service to the students as youth reside and are educated on the campus of the Residential Child Care Facility. Meals will continue to be served in the cafeteria and in the youth’s treatment homes on campus, so there are no large groups of students in one room at the same time.

Ranch Hope is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Youth are placed in Ranch Hope’s residential treatment center through the State of NJ Department of Children and Families. All of the youth attending Strang School are receiving behavioral healthcare services. There are currently no day students enrolled in Strang School. As an integral part of our residential treatment center, Ranch Hope is currently open and serving the children in their residential milieu.  In response to COVID-19 home visits and visitation on campus have been suspended. To the extent possible the campus is a closed system and CDC guidelines are being followed.

Length of Virtual or Remote Instruction Plan Component 5

Virtual or remote instruction is not presently offered or necessary as our facility is a closed cell. As per direction from the Salem County Interim Superintendent on May 7, 2020 we continue to offer guided/direct instruction to our students in residential buildings.

Students are residents and the school staff  have transitioned to working in residence. Students are not permitted to utilize any technology device that connects to the internet as it is in direct violation of their clinical treatment plan. In the few instances when this is permitted staff supervision is required.

Attendance Plan Component 6

Strang School is an APSSD and located on the campus of Ranch Hope Residential Treatment Facility. The school only serves the students that live on the premises and daily attendance is required unless the student is ill or has a scheduled appointment. Attendance is documented daily.

Facilities Plan Component 7

Strang School is a subset of Ranch Hope Residential Treatment Facility and all buildings are shared spaces. Cleaning and maintenance are done on a routine basis with increased attention to sanitization of all contact surfaces. Tables, Chairs and Furniture surfaces are disinfected and wiped down daily or as necessary to stop the spread of COVID 19.

Summer Programming Plan Component 8

July 1-2, 2020            ESY Teacher training days

July 6 to August 14   ESY Students will attend M-F, 9 to 3pm.

ESY 2020 is designed to broaden our students understanding of the employment and training process so they can define & obtain their career goals for future employment in the work force.

WBLE (Work Based Leaning Experiences) have been developed to give our students greater hands on opportunities to learn work force skills. Each WBLE will expose the student to various types of employment opportunities and skill development to enhance their marketability in the work force. This year due to COVID 19 there will be 6 to 8 different WBLE options. They will include options that will allow for work experiences to be learned on the grounds of Ranch Hope where the students live and reside. Presently we are a closed cell and the WBLE options offered will be outdoors s or in rooms/buildings where social distancing can be maintained. Offerings being considered are landscaping/horticulture, car washing/detailing, maintenance, food services, photography/digital media and Art/Entrepreneurship.

Ranch Hope is a unique campus in that it has many ways for us to teach work skills without having to go into the community allowing us to maintain a safe learning environment. All WBLE have cross curricular elements to strengthen learning loss. Students will be assigned to a small group that will stay together for the course of the program. Each of the 6 weeks they will participate in a different WBLE.

Board Approval Plan Component 9

Stang School NJDOE Checklist for School Health-Related Closure Plan was adopted on May 19, 2020.  Resolution #4

Posted on Website Plan Component 10

Plan to be posted by May 22, 2020

Posted on Website Essential Employees Plan Component 11

At this time all school staff are considered essential as they have transitioned to working in residential as the required day shift.

APSSD Sharing Plans Component 12

All enrolled student sending districts will be emailed a copy of the plan and it will be posted on the Strang School webpage.