Strang School

Strang School Values …

  1. Respect for yourself and others, including personal space, personal items, and the use of appropriate language.
  2. Integrity! Do what is right even when no one is watching.
  3. Your presence. Be on time, and no OP!
  4. Safety for yourself and others.
  5. Professionalism – Be responsible, accountable, and excellent.  Dress for success!

Strang School values are non-negotiable and are supported school-wide.

Strang School video

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Our Mission

Strang School will ensure that all students are challenged in order to develop their full academic, technical, and vocational potential, incorporating respect for self and others in a safe, clean, drug free environment.

Recognizing that individuals perform at different levels, the curriculum is structured to accommodate various levels of performance and empower educational ownership, requiring mastery of skills at each level.

We are committed to developing life long learners, who embrace diversity and contribute in an ever changing global society. Further, we are committed to the continuance of collaborative partnerships involving family, community, business and industry.

Strang School, a state-approved, regionally accredited, on-campus school, is an extension of treatment with both special education and subject specific certified teachers; continuing the positive reinforcement and other behavioral management techniques in the classroom.

Each student’s educational services, like his treatment plan, is individualized.
Students participate in a minimum of 6 hours of academics spread throughout their day.
Classes are small to allow for specialized attention.
All teachers are experienced and trained in working with students who are receiving additional treatment services.

Strang School currently serves both youth in treatment and day school students from the surrounding area.

Strang School takes pride in being the only private, Special Education and Alternative Virtual Education school in Salem County, that also offers life skills and career orientation.

Textbook learning is augmented with a variety of career orientation options and hands-on experiences, including community-based education and activities, to help residents who have difficulty focusing on tasks maintain an interest in learning. Computers, Smartboards, modern educational videos, and interactive electronics are tools used to help students become excited about learning. The acres of woods and lakes on the Alloway Campus and Ranch Hope’s Camp Edge facility provide an outdoor learning environment for numerous subjects.

Strang School Goals

  • To improve academic growth.
  • To transition students to the local school district in the shortest time possible.
  • To improve student behavior patterns and self-management through positive reinforcement.
  • To strengthen parent involvement through meetings and family counseling sessions.
  • To maintain a high staff to student ratio in order to promote more personal interaction.
  • To develop careers and to match students with jobs through an interest inventory, vocational courses, and hands-on experience.
  • To provide scholarships to local institutions of higher learning.