Get Right Fitness

Get Right Fitness Club: 20 members of our Get Right Fitness Club volunteered 180 hours over May to prepare the Goliathon Course at the Gloucester County Fairgrounds. Members of the club, identified as “R-Ninjas”, painted tires, dug trenches, cleared trails, stuffed 999 race participant bags, cleaned a kitchen, marked race paths, and built obstacles spanning 5-miles of unforgiving terrain. Everyone worked hard and represented Ranch Hope with honor. Race directors remarked on how well we served their specific needs and also shared how Ranch Hope and the Goliathon is a perfect partnership.

R-Ninjas competed in the Goliathon Race on June 5th. The morning started with a prayer by Direct Care Staff Mr. Kent which was followed by a homemade omelet breakfast in Hope Home. Then participants received their new uniforms as they watched a 20 minute video highlighting their hard work at practices over the past three months. Before departing for the race course, a teammate read 1 Samuel 17 and reminded teammates of how David put his trust in the Lord and not his own strength in order to defeat Goliath. Once at the event, R-Ninjas completed the grueling course without backing down in the face of intimidating challenges filled with potential for failure. They valued effort over achievement and all received medals in honor of their accomplishments. As one of our teammates prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to the lord for his many blessings, he thanked God for giving us “one of the best days of our lives”.

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