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On December 7, 2020 JB’s life was flipped upside down. In the middle of a global pandemic he had to navigate his way in another program. Upon arrival, he discovered even Ranch Hope had been effected due to the COVID19 restrictions. Cottages could not intermingle for activities, there were no home passes, families and caseworkers could only visit virtually, etc. At this point it had been ten months since most of Ranch Hope’s youth had been home.

Eighteen days in JB found himself celebrating a Ranch Christmas, a day normally spent with family. In fact, his favorite Christmas memory happened on this day when he was just six years old. JB woke up, eager to see what Santa had brought him. His eyes gleamed when he saw his pile of presents! Before he could start ripping the paper off the beautifully wrapped gifts his grandma called him over for one of their famous chats. Imagine being in the height of excitement only to be told that you had to wait and hear what grandma just had to tell you. His grandma began explaining the real meaning of Christmas, who Jesus Christ was and how He was born to die for our sins. This moment never left JB’s heart. In fact he recalls forgetting all about his presents and just wanted to hear more about Jesus!

Fast forward 2020- JB is now living in a new place with no hope of being able to go home, or even see family for the foreseeable future. But what JB didn’t expect (at least not 18 days in) was to find new family and friends at Ranch Hope. “Walking into the dining hall and eating breakfast, you could just feel that this was more than a job for the staff, this was a family“ was how JB described his 2020 Christmas. In the midst of despair there are always blessings, sometimes we just have to step back and see them unfold.

Ranch Hope experienced a “new normal” in the past 21 months. Because of God’s provision and your support and faithfulness, our youth continue to be loved and blessed. They have learned individualized skills to help guide them and succeed long after their days at the Ranch. JB wants future youth to know that “tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Ranch Hope is a learning experience, humble yourself and you will understand your purpose.” JB’s future plans are to finish school and get into the entertainment business. He wants to become an actor!

Man holding red gift standing against wall with woman and children next to him

Dear Friend of our Ranch Hope Children,

God’s greatest gift to us was the gift of himself, in His Son, Jesus Christ. As we consider a tiny baby nestled in the manger, with His arms reaching out to embrace the world, we seek to strengthen His message of peace and love in our own lives. We rejoice in the presence of the promise of Jesus and we find comfort in His promise of salvation.

Christmas is a time of celebration. As families and friends come together hearts grow warm, sharing love and building memories for a lifetime. The Ranch Hope Family is no different. Our youth long for the yuletide, family and Christmas morning. It is a time of heightened emotion and anticipation.

Jesus came to us as a gift, and we are to share that gift with others.

We ask you to remember the youth who will be spending the holidays at the Ranch in 2021. A gift to Ranch Hope this Christmas will enable us to strengthen our ministry to children and families who need ongoing encouragement.

We ask that you please consider making your tax-deductible gift today to help our youth and families through one of four ways:

Mail a check in the enclosed envelope
Make an online donation through our secure website at
Text RH to 609-212-0627
Scan the QR Code with your camera app.

Thank you and God bless you and yours at Christmas. Most sincerely in Christ,
Rev. David L. Bailey, Sr. Founder

P.S.: Above all else, we ask that you pray for our youth, families and staff. Your prayers provide continuous encouragement, support and hope. May God bless you and your family abundantly this Christmas and New Year!