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“I should’ve been locked up…

After 30 different programs Alec found himself two and half hours away from home at Ranch Hope, in the middle of a global pandemic. Alec recalls his first few days as “rough and kind of lonely”, it seemed like everyone was already friends and he was just the new kid. Trust did not come easy to Alec (and to most of the youth at RH). It took about a month of staff investing into his life and following through on their word for him to feel safe.

During his time at Ranch Hope Alec had the opportunity to become a certified lifeguard which was no small feat. The first time he tried to complete the Lap Test he could only do 8 laps and he needed 12 to pass. This set back pushed Alec to grow. He found himself leaning more on God’s strength than his own. He also reached out to his trusted staff and they taught him the breaststroke. He can now swim 40 laps! The skills he used to accomplish this great honor go much further than the pool. “The breathing techniques that I learned through lifeguarding is something I am now able to use when I feel angry and helps me keep calm.”

While at Ranch Hope Alec learned:
Confidence and self-control
“I used to get angry when I played basketball, especially when the other team was trash talking. Now it doesn’t bother me. I have a deeper sense of humility and more understanding for other people.”

Empathy and trust for others
“I realized that I have to meet people where they are, that they might be fighting their own battles like I did. I have an easier time building trust with people.”

To lean on God
“I could’ve been locked up but God came out of nowhere and saved me. In other programs I would have fights- now I’m praying and staying out of trouble.”

Alec came to Ranch Hope always watching over his back and now, because of your investment into his future, he is leaving with a stronger relationship with God, more self-confidence, and the tools to better his life. Alec’s advice for a new youth coming to Ranch Hope is, “it may be rough for a month but then you’ll build a bond with the staff and youth and they’ll become your family”. His future plans are to
graduate high school and to get a job. Alec has a passion for culinary arts and hopes to become a chef!

…but God saved me.”

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As we reflect on the past year we are reminded of fear, disconnection, and loss. Unfortunately, the youth who arrive at Ranch Hope have endured traumatic experiences like these and more throughout most of their lives. Easter is the perfect reminder of what it means to have a second chance. We all have the opportunity to be reborn through Jesus Christ. Thanks to your continued support, Ranch Hope is able to further our mission to foster environments that transform lives empowered through Christ-centered love and compassion.

You have an opportunity to invest in the lives of those who have had adverse childhood experiences.

Moving into our 57th year of serving youth, God is leading us through the past unprecedented year into the light. Our youth and staff have felt your love and prayers and are welcoming this time of renewal, rebirth, and celebration of Jesus’s resurrection. We are encouraged by the generous gifts and support from our donors, volunteers, partners and community leaders.

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