R-Garden Update

Ten youth (R-Gardeners) have been serving in the garden on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during life skills. We have added a new irrigation system with the help of Doug Cooper, Roger and Ryen Garrison, and R-Gardeners. Special thanks to Super A Farms who donated 9000 feet of drip tape and inline check valves (est. $400 value) and to an anonymous donor from Rutgers Extension Center who provided a 2-inch lay flat hose. Currently, we have planted nearly 100 tomato plants, 50 peppers, 50 cucumbers, 50 zucchini, 50 collard greens, 50 spinach, 25 beets, 25 kale and 25 lettuce. We have planted herbs including cilantro and basil at the request of our Food Service Department. Direct Care Supervisors, T. Jones and B. English, have spent time in the garden making beds and planting with R-Gardeners. We have plans to plant watermelon, corn, string beans, and more over the next month.

Three men outside holding shrubs