“TEE-MING UP” Creates Win-Win for Ranch Hope and Astro Outdoor Advertising

ALLOWAY, NJ – Ranch Hope, Inc., is pleased to announce its collaboration with Astro Outdoor Advertising Inc. in the formation of Special-T Print LLC, an Astro Company. Special-T Print specializes in the screen printing of apparel, servicing clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The operation will remain in its current location on Ranch Hope’s campus in Alloway, NJ, in the facility that was known as the “Print Shop.”

“This week one of our youth approached me and asked, ‘when will this be over and when can I go home to see my family?’”, said Dave Bailey, Jr., CEO of Ranch Hope. “All of us are seeking some sign of hope during this pandemic. This joint venture between two local organizations is a sign of hope for our youth, a sign that there will continue to be opportunities for them on the other side of COVID-19. Opportunities for job training and employment, and the opportunity to learn a trade.”

The Print Shop has served as a training opportunity for students at Ranch Hope for more than 15 years. Students learn valuable life skills, concept of design and the art of screen printing. The Print Shop provides T-shirts to many businesses, church groups and sports teams in the region. Sales of those items went to support the mission of Ranch Hope, which is beginning its 56th year of serving children, youth and families.

“We are excited about the opportunity of working with Ranch Hope, while expanding our product line to our existing customers and new ones alike under Special-T Print LLC, said Doug Painter, President of Astro Outdoor Advertising. “We will continue to provide the learning experience for the youth served at the Ranch and, in addition, part of the proceeds from sales will be directed towards support of the Ranch.”

“We are grateful for Doug Painter’s vision and willingness to partner with Ranch Hope on this new venture,” said Dave Bailey, Jr., CEO of Ranch Hope. “This is a fantastic opportunity for the students we serve, and we look forward to what the future has instore. Partnerships and collaboration with the business community is vitally important to us, and this is a fine example of what can be done together.”

Both Painter and Bailey agree that the “Expectation of Success” continues moving forward.

Dave Casius, long-time teacher and manager of the Print Shop will continue handling day-to-day operations under Special-T Print LLC, as director.

“We have always provided quality printing that changes lives. I am thrilled under this arrangement, as Special-T Print, we will continue to do that,” Casius said.

Ranch Hope, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1964, by Rev. and Mrs. David L. Bailey, Sr. Ranch Hope is a leader in fostering environments that transform lives empowered through Christ-centered love and compassion to youth who have had adverse childhood experiences. The organization provides ministry, behavioral healthcare services and more with the expectation that every child can succeed. For more information, visit www.ranchhope.org

Astro was initially founded in 1967 and Astro Outdoor Advertising, Inc., was established In May of 1983 by Jerry and Joann Painter when they acquired the assets of Astro Inc. Astro specialized in highway advertising with the rental and maintenance of their unique, smaller displays. Today, ownership and management is by, brothers Chris, Doug and Jason Painter. Doug Painter can be reached at 856-881-4300. Dave Casius can be reached at 856-340-5097. For more information, visit Special-TPrint.com